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Our Areas of Expertise

Athena Energia is specialized in the oil & gas and mining industries. This dedicated focus has enabled us to develop deep knowledge of these industries and its key players. We have an excellent understanding of business challenges and what really matters.

Solar Energy

There have been significant advances in solar power generation and energy harvesting in recent years, making it an attractive energy source.

Hydro power

Derived from flowing water, hydropower requires little infrastructure compared to other sources of energy, with the possibility to implement small scale projects.

Waste Energy

Waste-to-energy is a sustainable, cost-effective and secure energy source, contributing to the circular economy.

Wind energy

One of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies, wind energy offers tremendous potential and in particular offshore wind power.


Drone mounted GPR (Ground Penetrating radar) & LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging) offer non-invasive & non-destructive ways to collect information about the near/mid-surface.

Oil & Gas (EOR)

Enhanced Oil Recovery is derived from historic production data, flow rates, pressure and physical equations.

Renewable Energy

The generation of energy with zero carbon emissions from fossil fuels

The diversification of energy supply

The reduction of some types of air pollution

The contribution to the economic development of local communities

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Athena Energia supports oil & gas and mining companies in their transition towards sustainable energy.